First steps

The idea behind LearnerCoachingELT is simple: learners learn best when they take control of their learning, so teachers would do well to help their students along the path towards independence. There are two sides to this approach: one is that teachers provide opportunities for learners to discover practical ways to progress in English on their own; the other is that learners are made aware of good learning practices – the metacognitive side to coaching.

If you’re a teacher who hasn’t explictly addressed learner coaching with your class up until now and you’d like to start, perhaps the activities in the blog could help. So this week we’ve been busy sorting out the activities pages to make them easier to use. Have a look at the top of the blog and you’ll see there are now two activities menus:

The first menu is for teachers. Choose an worksheet that might be interesting for your learners and use it in class, either as it is or adapted for your students. The second menu provides learners with alternatives to traditional homework activities – you could choose for them or you could give them the link and let them choose the activities for themselves.

Of course, the first step towards a learning-centred classroom must be to create a space for it in your lessons. Talk to your students. Let them share with one another. And once they’ve done some of the activities at home, make time to feed back on what they did.

(This is a post from Daniel)

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