What’s happening out there?

Volunteers, anyone?

We are more and more aware that things are happening in your classrooms along coaching lines. The blog has followers and friends have told us that they’re making changes in their classes, trying things out and generally paying more attention to independent learning, and that’s great! Recent posts have included some guests, Mark and Carmen, who talk about such experiences.

The principles of learner coaching have been laid out, but the interesting bit is still to come, which is putting it into practice and refining our approach. This can happen when teachers start exchanging ideas, comparing experiences and helping each other. So if you have tried coaching your learners, do consider writing about it for the blog.

To help you, here are some prompt questions that may help you structure your thoughts:

  • What aspects of learner coaching are you adopting?
  • How would you describe your style of coaching?
  • Have you set up any systems or used a particular model for your coaching (e.g. a process, a technique, etc)?
  • Have you addressed the students’ ‘inner game‘?
  • What proportion of class time do you devote to what the students do away from the class?
  • To what extent are any changes you’ve made been dramatic, or has it been a question of a gentle shift in emphasis?
  • What has been the students’ reaction so far?
  • Are there any particular activities they favour from the resources here, or any others that you’ve used?
  • Have you encountered problems? Have you come up with any solutions?
  • Have your students reported doing more practise than before?

So if you think you have a contribution, just add a comment to this blog or email us at danieljamesbarber72@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing all about it!

[This is a post by Daniel]

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