Mission not impossible

This activity is for students of any level or learning situation. To make it more fun you can drip feed the activities to them with a daily e mail, creating some excitement about what their mission will be today. The aim is for them to to simply “exercise” their English as they go about their day, without too much concern for consciously learning new language items, though they may choose to do follow up work if they like.

At the end of the week students can talk in class about which missions they liked best and which they didn’t do. They could also be encouraged to write missions for their classmates and send them by e mail.

Here are 7 missions, one for each day of the week.

Decide a 5 minute time slot this morning (when you are walking to work or on the bus or something). When the time arrives look at your watch and time 5 minutes. During this time look around you and name as many things as you can in English.
The first time you read a text today (at work, at breakfast, an e mail, a newspaper, whatever) stop and translate it orally to yourself into English. Keep going for 5 minutes. Dont worry if you miss bits or don’t know words just keep going, translating what you can.
Listen to a song in English or two very short ones
Use your mobile phone, computer or mp3 player to record yourself speaking English for 1 minute. The subject is “Your home”. Press record, talk for a minute and stop. Then listen.
Read a website in English for 5 minutes
Write your shopping list in English. If you aren’t going shopping today, write a list of everything you ate and drank yesterday
No rest today! But something easy. Watch random you tube clips for 5 minutes in English. Any ones you like.


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