Even Younger Learners and Coaching

A few weeks ago, we had Clare Sheppard guest blog about her brilliant adaptation of a coaching activity for a teens class. We are blessed with guest bloggers, and this time Hooman Sattari shows us how he pitched the same activity for even younger learners. Somehow it seems more appropriate to raise awareness of such metacognitive notions as motivation in ten year olds than adults!

Hooman has lived in Milan for 14 years and teaches all ages and levels there. He says that he did the lesson because he thought that a lesson on motivation would be original and prove challenging for this age group. Here is his YL adaptation of our activity on motivation Why I’m Learning English:

Look at some of the reasons other children gave for learning English

1)   I’m learning English because I want to pass my PET for schools exam.

2)   I’m learning English because I like speaking in different languages.

3)   I’m learning English because we often go on holiday; we’re going to New York in October.

4)   My parents want me to learn English.

5)   I’m learning English because I like singing songs in English.

6)   I’m learning English because it is fun and I like playing games.

7)   I’m learning English because I think it will be important when I grow up; I need to pass exams and get a good job.

8)   I’m learning English so I can write to my e-pal/pen pal who lives in Canada.

9)   I wasn’t good at English before. I didn’t like my teacher, but now I’m learning English because I want to, not because I have to.

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