The Motivation Meter

As teachers we can design classroom activities which we think will tap into our learners’ motivations as individuals and as a group. As coaches, we need to coach our learners in their language lives outside the classroom. We need to hand over the motivational controls so that they can tap into motivation themselves when we aren’t around. Motivation is the driving force behind effective learning, so learners need to do two things:

• recognise and understand their motivation

• maintain and boost it

This blog and our book, From English Teacher to Learner Coach, provide lesson structures, guidelines and other suggestions for establishing a greater awareness of motivation. One simple device that learners can then use to keep track of their motivation levels is the Motivation Meter. It looks like this:

Motivation Meter smallIt’s very easy to use. Just pop the Cranial Probe Sensor on your head to measure your motivation levels that day or week. You can then decide what to do with this information. Ask yourself: Why is my motivation like this today? What does this mean for what I do with my English learning?Understanding the factors that motivate or discourage you is a strength because you may be able to avoid things that lower motivation and welcome things that raise it.

Also, there are practical considerations about what to do if your motivation is low or high. If low, then maybe you should just choose something non-challenging or something you enjoy doing – watching a short film on YouTube, for example. Perhaps you could leave English altogether today and try again tomorrow. On the other hand, if your motivation is high, then maybe it0s time to tackle that tricky exam practice paper that you’ve been putting off for the last few days.

So the motivation meter is a great first step in monitoring and maintaining motivation. It accompanies the S.M.A.R.T. goals Evaluationator that we introduced last week. Next week we bring you the Language Life Convertinator!

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