Internet reading

A quick 15-minute activity in which you choose what to read!

Step one

Find a website you are interested in (in English of course). You may already have some favourite sites. For example, if you like football you could go to the site

Step two

Spend 15 mins looking around the site and reading bits that interest you. Refer to the top tips for reading on internet.

 Top tips for reading on the internet

  1. Aim to understand the main message of what you read.
  2. Use Google translator or a dictionary to look up a few words if you think they are important to understanding the meaning or are interesting for you to learn
  3. Remember to practise reading! Don’t spend a long time looking at images or figures. This is your English time.
  4. Make a note in your notebook or a computer document of any useful new words you find.

If you have the opportunity, tell someone about what you read, in English of course!

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