Writing a review of a restaurant you like

A writing activity that gets you published on the internet! (60 mins)

Step one

Search “restaurant review” and find a site where you can post your own reviews. Here is an example for Barcelona, Spain:


Step two

Read one or more reviews on the site to give you some ideas (and find out about some local restaurants!)

Step three

Write a similar review for a restaurant you know.

Step four

Publish your review. Send a link or show it to a friend or classmate.

Tips for formal  writing for the internet (such as a review of a restaurant or product or contribution to a blog)

  1. Prepare a draft before you publish on Word (or similar) and spell check / grammar check. Use your dictionary if you need to.
  2. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Your English doesn’t have to be perfect.
  3. If you can, ask a friend or teacher to review your writing before you publish it.
  4. KISS! Keep It Short and Simple. You don’t have to write something long and complicated. Even if you see other people have produced a long text, yours can be short and simple. Remember you are practising your English, not trying to be a journalist!
  5. Reading similar texts can help you when writing. If you have time, try to read some examples written by other people before you write yourself. This will give you ideas of what you can write and useful language, too.

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