We wrote a series of 6 articles in ETp magazine about learner coaching. Click on the links above to read short versions of the articles.

ETp 1 asks the question: Why are we so wrapped up with teaching? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with learning? It serves as an introduction to the series and outlines the general shift in focus that learner coaching advocates.

ETp 2 offers ways in which we can encourage our students to read and listen outside the classroom.

ETp 3 suggests that speaking and self study are not mutually exclusive. It has ideas for how to practise speaking outside of class time.

ETp 4 tackles independent goal setting and self-monitoring of progress. This is the first of the ‘metacognitive’ topics and starts to unpick the elements behind autonomous learning.

ETp 5 looks at how learners can take the ‘motivational controls’ to identify, monitor and maintain the forces that drive their independent learning.

ETp 6 rounds up the series by taking a look inside a classroom where learner coaching is going on and summarising with a detailed description of the coaching philosophy.

We hope that you find them interesting.

Duncan and Daniel


2 Responses to Articles

  1. Luz Amparo Cuero Valencia says:

    April 5th, 2014

    Hello Mr. Barber and Mr. Foord,

    Thank you for sharing this information with us.
    I am interested in learning more about coaching and would like to get your book. Do you have a paper edition? Who is your publisher? How and where can I get it? I’m working on a classroom research and this information is crucial for my theoretical support.

    Thank in advance,

    Luz Amparo Cuero
    From Cali, Colombia.

    • Hi Luz Amparo,
      My apologies for not replying! I don’t know how I missed your email.
      To answer your question, the book is available online in digital formats only. If you have a computer, ebook reader or tablet or an ebook app on your phone, you can read the book. The ebook provides you with enhanced navigational controls so that you can find activities and jump between sections quickly and easily.
      Go to and search for ‘From English Teacher to Learner Coach’.
      Good luck with your research!
      Best regards,

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