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Even Younger Learners and Coaching

A few weeks ago, we had Clare Sheppard guest blog about her brilliant adaptation of a coaching activity for a teens class. We are blessed with guest bloggers, and this time Hooman Sattari shows us how he pitched the same … Continue reading

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Teens and coaching

Some commentators on the blog have asked why there is so little attention paid to younger learners and teens classes. I’d like to state clearly that this in no way reflects a notion that coaching is for adults. Quite the … Continue reading

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In some UK primary schools they are using coloured cups as a very simple and powerful tool to help teachers and learners to direct and measure their learning. Here is how it works. The children each have three coloured cups: … Continue reading

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First steps

The idea behind LearnerCoachingELT is simple: learners learn best when they take control of their learning, so teachers would do well to help their students along the path towards independence. There are two sides to this approach: one is that … Continue reading

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Coaching and Technology

As a kid in the 1970’s I used to learn German vocabulary on the train I took to school. Our teacher would give us a list of 10 words to learn and he then tested us on them at the … Continue reading

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Learner or User?

Duncan introduced ‘inner game’ theory in last week’s post which highlights the importance of attitudinal factors underlying effective language learning. If we accept that, like sports coaches, it isn’t enough just to train students to be better speakers without examining … Continue reading

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